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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”


About Palácio Fitness

At Palácio Fitness our passion is synthesizing form and function. When we launch a new product, we ask ourselves these three questions:

How will this look in our client’s home?
Will they be proud to display it?
Will it draw them to use it for their workout?

If our answer is not a resounding Yes! to each of these questions, the product will never leave our shop. Incomparable aesthetic appeal always begins with materials. Irresistible tactile pleasure always begins with materials.

PetraBellsTM : Dumbbells you will love!

Reflecting our mission to create gorgeous fitness equipment that our customers will cherish for a lifetime, Palácio Fitness offers PetraBellsTM. Petra (Latin for rock) Bells are a revolutionary and beautiful load-lock adjustable dumbbell set that any fitness enthusiast with exquisite taste would welcome into their home. Throughout history, natural stone has been used interiorly and externally in homes, palaces, castles, and commercial and government buildings, always adding beauty and elegance. When properly maintained, natural stone can last for many thousands of years. Stone is nearly eternal.

Our Mission, Our purpose

Our homes are our castles, our palaces. So, at Palácio Fitness, we take seriously the privilege you have granted us by allowing us into your home, that sacred place that is as individual as you are. When you decide to purchase a Palácio Fitness product, you have chosen to partner with us. Only you know the look, the feel, and the ambiance of your living room, den, bedroom, and space. You make the final decision on what gets to be on display in your home. Since we have rejected the function-only approach of most home fitness equipment manufacturers, at Palácio Fitness we see ourselves as home interior designers partnered with you, our client. 

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Our promise to you

Upon receiving your PetraBellsTM set, you will instantly love it and right then and there have your first PetraBell workout. Your fitness life, your health and well-being will never be the same.